An intermediate NGC3628

This galaxy is the third member of the Leo triplet. During the last nights I could image this with the Esprit120mm and the ASI183MM Pro. This intermediate result is L-filter 6hr36m of data processed in APP and cropped. Best seen by clicking on the image!

NGC3628 ASI183mm Pro + Esprit 120mm + SW Flattener + No Reducer, No Filter

And below is the equivalent image taken with the Nikon D750 DSLR. I had a lot of noise in this 3hrs picture (36x300s), I suspect something went wrong with the dithering. The tidal stream is just visible.

NGC3628 36x300S 800ISO Nikon D750 Esprit 120mm F7
NGC3628 36x300S 800ISO Nikon D750 Esprit 120mm F7
And this was the guiding performance of the EQ8 during the last shot: sub-0.5″ accuracy! very happy with this. And indeed – there was no dithering going on. Need to look at that tonight.

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