SkyWatcher Maksutov 180mm F15

The “Big mak”

This magnificent telescope produces very sharp images, a real pleasure visually. This is most likely related to it’s optical layout, with a minimal obstruction giving high contrast, but also due to the F15 aperture ratio.

I acquired this scope new in 2010, having sold it to fund the C11. After a few years, and after two other owners, I could purchase it back (thanks D.C.) in June 2019.

Now I will use this scope visually for the Moon & planets, and for occasional webcamming of planets. As soon as the seeing is better then average, any C9, C11 or higher-aperture scope will beat in in terms of details that can be achieved by the planetary imaging.

It’s also a nice scope to use at starparties for the Moon, portable, robust and still high enough power for planets with enough resolving power.