M27 between the stars

A new image taken in Meldert, Belgium of M27. This is the full APS frame of the ASI2600MC sensor in combination with the Esprit 120mm F/7 @ 840mm focal length.

Subs are 300 seconds at Gain= 0 (18 subes or 90 minutes, under a mediocre sky. Click on the image for a marger view)

M27 Esprit 120 ASI 2600 MC G0 18x300s
M27 Esprit 120 ASI 2600 MC G0 18x300s

M27 in H-Alpha light

This picture shows the well-know classic object of the Dumbell nebula, or M27. I could image this object for more then 10 hours on several clear nights lately, with 8 hours of H-Alpha narrowband (7nm) and 2 hours of RGB.

M27 in narrowband H-Alpha, with RGB combined. All details on Astrobin.

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