M27 in H-Alpha light

This picture shows the well-know classic object of the Dumbell nebula, or M27. I could image this object for more then 10 hours on several clear nights lately, with 8 hours of H-Alpha narrowband (7nm) and 2 hours of RGB.

M27 in narrowband H-Alpha, with RGB combined. All details on Astrobin.

Further on M27

Maybe this is not a very good object to practise Ha imaging? I’m not sure what the main consistentency is of this object…. the outer halo does not show very well, and also all blue parts are not visible. I guess this is a work in progress.

Anyhow this is a test object just to get my SGP and automated focusser / filter wheel working. That doesn’t go vbery smooth. I lost a few hours last evening under a clear sky, tampering with the PegasusAstro focuscube, trying to get it working with SGP’s autofocus. In short: it’s not working yet! The picture below is M27 with 178 minutes of H-Alfa.

Seeking the resolution limits of the Esprit

The Eskimo Nebula in Gemini is a very small object. It’s comparable to Jupiter in apparent size. It’s also a lot dimmer then Jupiter so longer exposures are required. The ASI184mmPro has small pixels (smaller then the ASI290) and could, when seeing allows, bring out the finest details. The diameter of the planetary nebula is 48″ !!! Here is my attempt from last Monday:

400x4s Luminance, 140x8s Green, Blue and Red by Gain =333 No Guiding