Light Pollution


Hockey Inbev Voetbal Hoegaarden SEP2017
Hockey Infrastructure lighting up the sky in Hoegaarden – September 2017 Bad lighting like this can only originate from badly positioned and non-shielded fictures ; lots of energy is sent to the sky!
Night panorama from Hoegaarden as seen from the Marollen Chapel. Southeast (left) to South (Hoegaarden Church). Since spring 2018, the AB Inbev brewery has mde some small modifications on the fixtures’ inclination, moving them more downward. This had a significant impact on the lightpollution. The skyglow has diminished  lot. Thank you AB Inbev!
Hoegaarden with lights from the AB Inbev bottlery and the soccer field (Spring 2017)
Panorama from the Goudberg (Hoegaarden) direction South, 2 frames with a 35mm Nikon D750. The bright light is the AB InBev site (2017)
Marollen site. View towards the east with Tienen in sight
Panorama North over east to south (Tienen). Click for a larger image
Marollen site spring 2017. Light coming from the Tennis/Hockey sport fields in Hoegaarden. Update 2018: the lighting has been modernized and it seems to yield less skyglow.

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