New TESS photometer online: Stars551

The old photometer Stars209 unfortunately died, after the cover window was blown off by the wind. Meanwhile a new meter was obtained Stars 551.

Link to the data

I’m working to get the data nicely represented.

The cover window of the photocell disappeared
Rain damaged the photocell, the filter came loose

The data from Stars209 were recorded from February 2019 till December 2020, almost non-stop. The CSV download file can be found here:

SQM 21+ for three minutes?

Last night, the SQM meter could record during a short clearing in the clouds a value of SQM 21. It seems too good to be thru! If the data is correct, it’s probably not spectacular, but symbolically a milestone in our fight around local light pollution. Major sources of pollution, like the Hoegaarden InBev brewery and the Tienen sugar refinery have reduced their output significantly over the years. In addition the local town has switched off public lighting after midnight during the week. Now also the public lighting is modernized towards LED, with fixtures that have a much better light distribution. Also unnecessary light points were removed.

Update 29/10: again the SQM meter went over SQM 21 last night. So now it starts to be a little suspicious! SQM 21,19 seems to high a value. Will check!!

Mars, 19 October 2020

Very bad and cloudy weather is persistent in th elow countries, occasionally showing Mars in short breaks between clouds and rain. I managed to capture one IR+ G session in between and through clouds (no blue).

This was the clearing in between the cloud deck 🙂