Old Ambiance

Joris Raeymaekers & myself in Allons (France) featuring the freshly 2-weeks built 30cm Dobson. It was a quick & dirty built but it sure worked like a horse during that observation trip.
Wega members observing the sun through mylar off-axis with my 20cm Newtonian in the Dobson setup (Spa, Logbiermé, Belgium)
A borrowed Vixen mount with a PVC-pipe refractor. The lens was a 125mm F/6 I got from Lichtenknecker optics. 1992
Rene (Tienen) during our Wega mirror grinding class
Yves Boogaerts during our Wega mirror grinding class
Rene, Yves and (in the back) Katrien Kolenberg (now a professor in astronomy)
NGC7000 in Cygnus or the North-Americanebula. One of my first pictures on Tri-X B/W film with a cheap Practica camera and manually followed with the 6cm refractor
Late Johann Falter observing through the 20cm Newtonian on the home-built heavy mount
The “V200SR” or Visual 200mm Split-Ring. A very nice and comfortable way of observing Dobsonian style with an equatorial mount
Fake observation for the picture. Ronzon, Wega astronomy camp. One of the only times it did not rain.


Sydney (Australia) harbor observatory 2010
Mount Hamilton (USA) main dome ( near San Francisco)
Mt. Hamilton USA
Inside the dome of the 40″ refractor
C11 of the NEQ6 at home ready for action

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