Auriga reprocessed with PixInsight

The Flaming Star Nebula and M38, and some more hydrogen nebulosity, are clearly visible in this Auriga wide field. It is a re-processing with PixInsight and Photoshop combined. This version is not downsized in resolution, so a 100% version 1:1 (also on Astrobin).

Auriga 62x300s Nikon D750 TS76EDPH ISO800 SQM20 PI Joost 100% Optolong L-Pro

This is one of my earlier attempts to work with PI. Obviously something went wrong here, I needed to shrink the image to 33%, to keep it a bit decent. the left white point was clipped, and on a 100% level noise and stars and lots of stuff went wrong. Anyhow, not too posh to show it.

Found: new episodes of “Pipo the Horrendous”

I’ve been cleaning out the attick and found these old episodes of the comic strip that I published, back in the late ’80ies and begin ’90ies. They were published in our local club (Wega) magazine “Wegazetje”. English translation under the image.

“Street lighting is usefull. It promotes group spirit”.
This episode was illustrating the ongoing quarrel between Deep-Sky observers and their evil counterpart, the Moon observers. Unfortunately there was only one Moon observer in the club at that time so Herman had a tuff time, but he put up a good defense. Translation: “All Bullsh*t. The Moon is just perfect! -… for observing DeepSky!”
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Auriga showcase

This is a widefiled from Auriga with famous objects like M38 and the Flaming Star nebula. Taken on January 19, 2020: 62x300s or more then 5 hours exposure with the Nikon D750 on the TS76EDPH. Because the original file was too large, this image is a lower quality display. Please check Astrobin for a full view.

Low-quality JPG !

This is a processing done by Jean Lammertyn in PixInsight. It clearly shows the added level of detail that can be achieved.