A little Seahorse in the sky

This is an image of “Barnard 150”, a dark cloud of dust and gas that becomes visible aginst the majestic backdrop of milky way stars and nebulosity. When you turn the image 90° CW then the shape resembles a little seahorse, turning it’s head to the right.

The image was made during two nights 7 and 8 September 2021, using the SharpStar 76mm @ F4,5 and the ASI2600mc, 201x120s or 402 minutes (about 8 hours) under a less-then-optimal sky, bad transparency and sqm 20 so Bortle class 5 or 6 sky.


Barnard 150

made during two nightsBarnard 150

A Cepheus Jewel box: Cave Nebula

A surprisingly dynamic region in Cepheus, the Cave nebula and surroundings. This image was taken during 4 nights with the little 76mm refractor at F4,5, with the ASI2600MC camera and an IR/UV cutoff filter. Total imaging time almost 18 hours, in subs of two minutes.

Cave Nebula in Cepheus, September 2021 ; TS76EDPH

Startrails September 8th, 2021

Startrails from above the rooftops, last night. The bright lights are some street lights around the house, also visible are the plain trails that converge on the left (East) at the Liege airport, and that converge right (West) at Zaventem airport (Brussels). Jupiter and Saturn are the bright – and lesser bright – streaks down at the South. Also visible are two defective area’s in the plexiglas dome, as blurred area’s in the startrails.

Click on the image for a better view!

Startrails above Meldert, Hoegaarden - September 8th