Mars 2020 and Mars 1988!

Conclusion: nothing much changed other then our techniques and our age.

Best Mars images of the 2020 opposition.
Best Mars drawings from the 1988 Opposition.

Mars between the fuzzies

With Mars decreasing in size, maybe it was time to get a different angle on the red planet. This is a widefield view of the planet on it’s patch of Pisces sky at December 20th. The whole field is filled with galaxies, some of which very very small.

The image displays a halo that results from bright Mars reflecting in the optics.

The exposure was limited to 27x10s and 7x30s at gain 0 with an ASI2600MC camera and an Esprit 120ED @ F5.5

Mars on December 20, 2020 Esprit120ED F5.5 ASI2600MC Pro (Click on the image for a better view)

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