Power requirements

These are the measured currents that the equipment draws, mount without equipment mounted (bare mount). The 12V DC converter used, was a 3,7A AC/DC converter that originates from a Wii gaming console.

I measured the current required for the divers equipment I’m using:

Equipment or combination

Current in Ampere
Only stand-by LED’s from dew control and power distribution box0.03A
Switch on the EQ80.47A
Siderial rate on0.50A
Slew at rate 9 in RA2.05A
Slew at rate 9 in Declination2.00 A
Combined RA and Decl slew at rate 93.15A
Slew at rate 7 in RA1.7A
Slew at rate 7 in Declination1.7A
Slew at rate 3 in RA0.55A
Slew at rate 3 in Declination0.55A
EQ8 at siderial rate and dewcollar full charge of the C111.9A
Only Dewcollar C111.42A
Dew collar APO120mm only1.10A
Small dew collar for guiding scope 50mm0.52A
EQ8 siderial rate + dew collar APO2.04A
idem + slew in declination rate 93.44A

above + slew in RA rate 9 (as well as decl)4.6AConverter overloaded, halted
ASI184MM Pro cooler at 94%1.9A
above + EQ8 Siderial2.24A
above + slew in RA Decl rate 93.9AConverter overloaded, halted

An intermediate NGC3628

This galaxy is the third member of the Leo triplet. During the last nights I could image this with the Esprit120mm and the ASI183MM Pro. This intermediate result is L-filter 6hr36m of data processed in APP and cropped. Best seen by clicking on the image!

NGC3628 ASI183mm Pro + Esprit 120mm + SW Flattener + No Reducer, No Filter

And below is the equivalent image taken with the Nikon D750 DSLR. I had a lot of noise in this 3hrs picture (36x300s), I suspect something went wrong with the dithering. The tidal stream is just visible.

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