M81 and M82 the night of January 5th

Image of 3hrs and 38m taken in subs of 1 and 2 minutes.

Esprit 120, ASI2600MC Gain 100, F7, EQ8 ; stacked in AstroPixelProcessor and developed in Photoshop.

The sky was very foggy, sqm around 20,15.

When scanning for little galaxies, several very small galaxies were identified using SIMBAD at apparent magnitudes below 20. As an example:

2MASS J09533544+6908169Type: IR<10um
Mag: 20.62

M81 and M82 on January 5th (first processing)

Second processing
Third processing

Power requirements

These are the measured currents that the equipment draws, mount without equipment mounted (bare mount). The 12V DC converter used, was a 3,7A AC/DC converter that originates from a Wii gaming console.

I measured the current required for the divers equipment I’m using:

Equipment or combination

Current in Ampere
Only stand-by LED’s from dew control and power distribution box0.03A
Switch on the EQ80.47A
Siderial rate on0.50A
Slew at rate 9 in RA2.05A
Slew at rate 9 in Declination2.00 A
Combined RA and Decl slew at rate 93.15A
Slew at rate 7 in RA1.7A
Slew at rate 7 in Declination1.7A
Slew at rate 3 in RA0.55A
Slew at rate 3 in Declination0.55A
EQ8 at siderial rate and dewcollar full charge of the C111.9A
Only Dewcollar C111.42A
Dew collar APO120mm only1.10A
Small dew collar for guiding scope 50mm0.52A
EQ8 siderial rate + dew collar APO2.04A
idem + slew in declination rate 93.44A

above + slew in RA rate 9 (as well as decl)4.6AConverter overloaded, halted
ASI184MM Pro cooler at 94%1.9A
above + EQ8 Siderial2.24A
above + slew in RA Decl rate 93.9AConverter overloaded, halted

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