A new processing of M109

My previous processing of M109 – 360x60s – did not turn out well. Serious issues with noise, most likely calibration files that were not ok.

So I did a complete re-build of the calibration files darks and bias.

The resulting stack and processed image is noticeably better:

M109, 360x60s Gain 0 Esprit120 F7 ASI2600MC Darks, Bias

M109 galaxy in Ursa Major

This galaxy lies very very close to one of the bright stars of the bowl.

An integration on several nights with 60-second subs at gain 0. This resulted in a lot of (read-?) noise. I should experiment further with Gain 100.

M109 Ursa Major Esprit 120mm F7 no flattener ASI2600MC 360x60s Gain 0 Offset 50 no flats ; darks, bias

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