Planetary Photography: Mars

Mars on November 20th: after twilight the seeing was horrible, the dust storm could be detected only as a yellow smudge. Later that night the air briefly stabilized and some more detail appeared. The tail of the storm was dim on the west rim of the planet, over the southern Solis Lacus area.
Annotated version of the image below
Mars-September-6-2020-C11-Meldert Registax IRGB Combined
2020-08-29-0239_0-JV-IRGB-V1-Derotated color with added G and B
2020-08-29-0239_0-JV-IRGB-V1- Infrared Pass filter Baader
Mars August 29th C11 ASI290MM Baader RGB Meldert
Images from the Vaucluse

Earth image artificially blurred to obtain the same resolution as a Mars observer would looking at Earth (with the same resolution we look at Mars in this picture)