NGC3718 in Ursa Major

A very nice galaxy, which I believed to be really difficult and very dim. In the end the picture comes out quit ok, with good colors and lots of details. It’s an amazing exploration trying to identify all distant objects including quasars and galaxies many beyond the 20th magnitude.

Taken in Meldert (Hoegaarden) with the 120mm Esprit @ F7, ASI2600mc, 340x120s. Stacking and processing in AstroPixelprocessor, finishing in CC Elements.

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Crab Nebula in Taurus, Messier 1

A view on this supernova remnant that exploded in the year 1054, the supernova was visible during 23 days in daylight, and became 4 times brighter than Venus.

Image combination from Grandpré and Meldert, 79×60″ on Gain 100, Esprit120 F7,5 ASI2600MC

Messier 1 cropped

Messier 1 full view 75% reduced

M101 the mighty “Pinwheel” galaxy

One of the most impressive galaxies in Ursa Major, M101 is well-known to most observers, and can already be detected with binoculars.

This picture was taken under the dark skies of Grandpré, La Talma, in Northern France. SQM Values varied during the three capture nights between 21,20 and 21,40.

With the large Dobsonian telescopes (16″ to 20″) many details also visible in this picture could be detected.

In full 100% view (the original sensor resolution), many many small galaxies van be seen in the background. Most of the weakest ones are 20th to 21th magnitude.

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