IC434 and B33

This incredible Orion neighbourhood is always fun to image! It has been 3 years since 2018 so I gave it a try again. Unfortunately clouds have been very persistent, only 4 hours of data was captured. Nice to compare with the two previous attempts with the Esprit120 (December 2018) and with the C11 (March 2018)

IC434 and B33 in Orion ; TS76EDPH F4,5 ASI183MM -20°C G111 Baader RGB Ha 4hrs of data February 2021

Testing the Allsky camera setup

testing the new all-sky camera, based on a (non-cooled) ASI 183MC and a Fujinon 2,8mm F1.8 lens. here are some images of last night that include a meteor (as far as I can judge).

Small meteor near the zenit & Cassiopeia
Small meteor near M81
Bright meteor near Orion
Small bright meteor between Polaris an dthe house

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