IC434 and B33

This incredible Orion neighbourhood is always fun to image! It has been 3 years since 2018 so I gave it a try again. Unfortunately clouds have been very persistent, only 4 hours of data was captured. Nice to compare with the two previous attempts with the Esprit120 (December 2018) and with the C11 (March 2018)

IC434 and B33 in Orion ; TS76EDPH F4,5 ASI183MM -20°C G111 Baader RGB Ha 4hrs of data February 2021

Testing the Allsky camera setup

testing the new all-sky camera, based on a (non-cooled) ASI 183MC and a Fujinon 2,8mm F1.8 lens. here are some images of last night that include a meteor (as far as I can judge).

Small meteor near the zenit & Cassiopeia
Small meteor near M81
Bright meteor near Orion
Small bright meteor between Polaris an dthe house

New TESS photometer online: Stars551

The old photometer Stars209 unfortunately died, after the cover window was blown off by the wind. Meanwhile a new meter was obtained Stars 551.

Link to the data

I’m working to get the data nicely represented.

The cover window of the photocell disappeared
Rain damaged the photocell, the filter came loose

The data from Stars209 were recorded from February 2019 till December 2020, almost non-stop. The CSV download file can be found here:

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