TESS Photometer down!

Since January 3th the TESS Photometer stopped sending data. With closer inspection, unfortunately the cover glass had disappeared, leaving the device wide open to the rain and snow. After drying, it did work again for half an hour, but then it went silent again.

So after contacting Madrid University I’ve ordered a new device. Hopefully we can log it as STAR209 so that we can continue the datastream.

NGC3628 and it’s “tidal tail”

It very rarely happens that we ‘ve got 9 nights in a row (around new Moon!) here in Belgium. Next to the main setup I have put the little SharpStar to use to capture- every night 10-minute frames of this area. Even with the Optolong LPS the large field gave a clear gradiënt of light pollution.

Seeing the tail appear after 145 frames made me smile 🙂
So yes it’s possible to capture this feature in SQM 20 type skies, you only need a lot of patience I guess (or a faster scope).

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