Lunar mosaic

Taken with the Maksutov 180mm F/15 & ASI174MM camera.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Cassini Vallis Alpes
Julius Cesar Agrippa Manilus
Ptolemaeus Parrot
Cassini ASI290MM @15FPS 3000FRAMES 40%stacked fullres
Cassini ASI174MM @80FPS 3000frames 40% stacked fullres

These two images of Cassini and Aristilus compare the ASI290MM and the ASI174MM on the same conditions, on the same telescope. The details seem to be really the same, allthough the image scale of the ASI290 is much more enlarged, it does not necessarily show more details. The Frame rate of the 174MM was a lot higher.

I guess the real test would be to do this exercise with a barlow in front of the ASI174MM. A éX barlow would enlarge the image scale, and at the same time the frame rate would still be 40FPS compared to 15fps for the ASI290MM.

Jupiter in a moment of good seeing

Against all odds, at an altitude of only 21°, we got some good seeing last night on Jupiter. When I imegad the planet from the south of France last August, where it was a few degrees higher in the sky, and in a region known for it’s good seeing, I was really convinced that this was it for the season.

As the stars didn’t twinkle last night I gave it another try, and honoustly the result might be a bit better compared to France.

Image with the same 18cm Maksutov, this time with an ASI290MC and an ADC. (no barlow)

I couldn’t use the C11 as the EQ8 was occupied imaging deep sky with the tiny 76mm.

00u32m CET 4 sep 2021 Maksutov 18cm ASI290mc 180s @fps 40 ADC
00u42m 4 sep 2021 Maksutov 18cm ASI290mc 180s @fps 40 ADC

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