Mounting the TS76EDPH parallel to the Maksutov

The designed setup if the observatory includes two mounts with double scopes. The GM1000 is positioned in such a way that shorter tubes are required – to stay clear from the walls. Today both the 180mm Mak and the 76mm APO were mounted together. The NUC serving both scopes was mounted on the dual saddle plate.

For the GM2000, which today only carries the C14, in a next phase also the Esprit 120 should be mounted.

A Cepheus Jewel box: Cave Nebula

A surprisingly dynamic region in Cepheus, the Cave nebula and surroundings. This image was taken during 4 nights with the little 76mm refractor at F4,5, with the ASI2600MC camera and an IR/UV cutoff filter. Total imaging time almost 18 hours, in subs of two minutes.

Cave Nebula in Cepheus, September 2021 ; TS76EDPH

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