ASI174MM and ASI385MC Tests

Dark ASI174MM room temperature, 300 seconds with GAIN=100. Applied levels in PS from 1.00 to 3,65 (Median Point)

The image is pretty clean, maybe as a result of the large pixels, and there is a substantial ampglow visible in the lower right corner.  In the processed image the Gradient removal almost completely erases this.

This is the comparable dark for the ASI385MC. More noise but less ampglow, a bit in the upper right corner. In the processed image this is still noticeable.

Integration performed on the same night equal conditions equal telescope (Esprit120mm F7 + Flattener). 31×60 seconds at gain 200.

Processed equally in Astropixelprocessor, Integration result:

The difference in image scale is clear.

RAW single frames ASI174MM (MONO8) and next ASI385MC (RGB24)  60s at Gain200: 

 Comparable image scale:

 Compare the image scale and crop image of a Nikon D750 DSLR on the same equipment 19x300S

Final image: M27 with 56 lights ASI174MM 60seconds Gain 100 processed in APP and PS









The ASI385 has also a nice panoramic lens that allows for timelapses




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