NGC 2903 & Evelyn

NGC2903 is a nice spiral galaxy in Leo, close to the ecliptic.

Down left you will find the colored track of asteroid 503 Evelyn. Named after the discoverer’s mother, it was discovered in 1903 at Heidelberg University by Raymond Dugan. Currently magnitude 13,7 ; size 85 km.

NGC2903 noflats 100% 160L 30s 115 RGB 120s G50 120mm Esprit F5,5 & ASI183MM, Baader filters, EQ8, SGP

Galaxy Season: NGC2903 in Leo

Also a nice spiral galaxy. In total 310 minutes of LRGB at gain 50, 30 seconds for Luminance, and 120 seconds for RGB. Cropped but 100% resolution

NGC 2903 April 2020 310 minutes LRGB @ Gain 50 Stretched by APP

Final M81 and M82

A final processing of M81 and M82. This includes over 20 hours of RGBHa data, taken on different nights in March and April with the Esprit 120mm and the ASI183MM. I found 300 second subs at gain 111 would burn out most stars, leaving no color information anymore. Therefore I used the 300s subs as luminance channel, but in APP using only 50% of it’s luminosity (RGB Tool). On additional nights I captured 120s subs RGB with Gain 111. That’s still a high gain for the ASI183MM, resulting in burned stars, loosing there color, but somehow managed to get that processed in the right direction. The H-Alfa channel was obtained by 600 second-subs at gain 200 (35).