Small but bright meteor?

Last night @ 5u55m MET a small but bright streak of light is visible on the Allsky camera. Checking against Iridium flares of “Heavensabove” and with “SkySafari” did not give any satellites near that point.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

To watch the whole night, please download the movie below. Lots of activity is going on, including planes but also the telescope making a meridian flip at some point.

Night of March 5th to March 6th

A little galaxy, far far away in a lonely universe

Click for a larger image NGC2403 Camelopardalis

NGC2403 in Camelopardalis, image with SharpStar 76EDPH @ F4,4 Nikon D750 ISO 400 17×120″ SGP, PHD2, APP & PSCC (Click for a larger image) only 35 minutes. I imaged this galaxy to find out as a test how large it was (or how tiny!!)

The stars are a bit fuzzy as my automatic focusing did not work, I discovered in the morning why: it was jammed with the rotation know against the dovetail. Obviously, I tried everything apart from fysically checking, I re-installed about everything 😉 No Flats used so a dust bunny is visible here and there.

Mars near the Plejades

A nice sight, for sure also in binoculars!

(CLICK FOR A LARGER IMAGE) Mars near the Plejades March 2021

Mars, near the Plejades on March 3th 2021. 35×120″ or 70 minutes ISO400, Nikon D750 and SharpStar 76EDPH @ F4,4 with Optolong UV.IR filter in the reducer. No flats some dust bunnies are visible. It seems that Mars is elongated, for sure it travelled a bit during the 70 minute capture.