Medusa Nebula

This is a pretty faint nebula, an 8800 year-old planetary nebula, situated a little northeast of Procyon.

It’s surface brightness is very low. During the imaging session, the nebula was almost invisible on the monitor. I’m really surprised it came out so good. Obviously this is not a narrowband image, it’s created using a One Shot Color camera.

Do click for a larger view.

The Medusa Nebula in Gemini, NGC 2395 153x120seconds Gain 0, a bit more then 5 hours. The sky did not reach SQM 20 so it was not so good.

Small but bright meteor?

Last night @ 5u55m MET a small but bright streak of light is visible on the Allsky camera. Checking against Iridium flares of “Heavensabove” and with “SkySafari” did not give any satellites near that point.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

To watch the whole night, please download the movie below. Lots of activity is going on, including planes but also the telescope making a meridian flip at some point.

Night of March 5th to March 6th