Time tampering time again

Last night most European countries moved the clock forward again, as part of the semi-yearly tampering with our time system.

It looks as if we get one extra hour of light in the evening.

It looks as if is darker again in the morning.

Nothing is less true: if we wouldn´t change the clock, light conditions would evenso catch up within a matter of weeks.  No need to change the clock for that.

In Belgium our natural time – closest in line with the sun – is the same as GMT, Greenwich Mean Time.

Our current winter time – GMT+1, is already ´summer time´, that runs ahead of the sun one hour.

The effects of our double summer time are:

  • Clock tampering each six months
  • Resulting health issues
  • Resulting accident statistics
  • Sleep depriviation
  • Going to bed in June while still daylight
  • And for astronomers: an additional hour of waiting, and lack of  sleep, before dark sets in

In polls, summer time comes out as the winner: ´clockxit´

As this reminds me of the brexit, where people were asked to vote – without realizing all consequences.

So summer, icecream, beaches, holidays, and sun will still be there with a permanent standard gmt+1 time.

Sun over Mont Blanc

No, summer will not disappear by choosing permanent winter time. Actualky we should change that name because it´s associated with winter, cold, dark. Votes will be biased.

You will be closer to the natural rythm of nature.

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