Lightning storm

No startrails this morning, a heavy lightning storm rolled over the country last night. Unsure about the exposure settings, also need to fix an issue as the software quits after a while for the second night in a row. I will step down to the previous software version again.

Solar Eclips

Only a partial eclips: but it still is an impressive sight! watching the cosmos in action.

Great job done, Moon and Sun.

Partial Eclips maximum on June 10th 2021 ; Esprit120mm F/7 & ASI2600MC
The whole eclips in a video (SD, HD and 4K)

Double trouble in Virgo

An interesting feature on last’ nights allsky images: a double streak of light in Virgo, around 00hr40m MEST. No idea what thi smight be. There was a Starlink 2144 satellite close-by, but then again they are always close by something…

Double trouble in Virgo

Please also not that the AllSky camera has been upgraded with a IR-cut filter. Strange enought, the Baader contrast booster that was already in, did not stop infrared light. This additional IR filter (ZWO 21mm) clearly increases the image quality.