First exoplanet transit logged

Exoplanets are planets that orbit a star different from our own sun.

In some cases the orbit of that planet is such that it covers it’s star – as seen from Earth – once every orbit. Because a planet doesn’t emmit light itself, it will as a result block a tiny percentage of the star’s light.

This ‘dip’ in star brightness can be measured. The frequency gives the orbit timing, and the depth of the brightness dip gives the planet’s size.

tres 1b is a planet very close to the size of Jupiter. It orbits a orange dwarf star of magnitude 11.8 in the constellation of Lyra @ a distance of 523 light years.


I got lots of help from Pieter Vuylsteke. The observation was logged in Exoclock

More information on this planet on Wikipedia

More sunspots

AR3311_3314_3310 2023.05.29 they are now past the meridian and going towards the Sun’s limb.

Esprit 120mm APO F/7 ASI2600mc 100fps 1250 from 5000 frames

AR3311_3314_3310 2023.05.29 120mm F7 ASI2600MC

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