Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree cluster

A surprisingly interesting part of the winter sky.

Red hydrogen clouds are mixed with multiple star clusters, milky way area’s and blue nebula. Enjoy the view and click to enlarge!

Cone Nebula & christmas tree cluster. Esprit 120ED, ASI2600MC, 161x120s at gain 0

Mighty Andromeda

M31 or the Andromeda Galaxy is a major showpiece in our skies. It’s always fun to try and image it. ASI2600MC and Esprit120ED F5.5, 91x120s at gain 0.

AstroPixelprocessor and CC Elements 2021

M31, 91x120s Esprit 120ED F5.5 ASI2600MC Pro, Flats, Darks, Bias (Click to enlarge)

Orion Widefield

69x 120″ or over 2 hours on ISO400 Nikon D750 No LPS 50mm F4

Because of trees at the start and the end of the capture, the image was cropped.

Orion with the Orion Nebula, the Horse nebula, Barnard’s loop, Flame Nebula, Running Man