Clear nights – imaging time!

Finally again some clear nights… with the observatory nearing completion, I could focus a bit more on actual imaging and fine tuning the optical setup.

The GM1000 mount carries the 180mm F/15 Maksutov, and with a Astropysics CCDT67 reducer, I’m experimenting to image @ F12 with an APS 2600MC camera. The focuser is an Esatto 2″.

M106 69x120s or 2hrs 18mins, good detail in the core, but weaker outer spiral arms

Tsuchinshan-Atlas C/2023 in Virgo, 36×60 seconds.

Moon over Aix-en-Provence

Cold and heavy rain changed overnight into sunshine and blue skies.

And a waning gibbous moon… If you can spot it.

Astronomical clock on the bell tower, Place de l´hotel de ville, Aix-en-Provence
Sundial at the place Richelme, Aix-en-Provence

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