Observing a Magnitude 21,2 asteroid?

When testing out the new ASI183MMPro CMOS camera, I pictured the galaxy NGC3628. This is a well-known galaxy, sometime called the ‘Hamburger’ galaxy, part of the Leo triplet.

When processing the image, I noticed this very faint trace abit to the south of the galaxy. I used the Minor Planet Checker to verify any known asteroids in this area, and I found only one a bith south of the very little galaxy underneath NGC3628 that I used the coordinates from (using SIMBAD and ALADIN).

I doubt the magnitude of 21,2. When I compare to a star nearby that has the same weight on my picture as the asteroid, that star is identified by the GAIA catalogue as magnitude 19,5. So my estimate for the asteroide, since it’s a moving object would be around 20.

NGC 3628 in Leo, imaged with a ASI183MM Pro & Esprit 120. 32 lights of 180s @Gain230 (!) and Offset 30, Temperature -20 °C Processed with flats, darks, bias in APP
The assumed asteroid is at the lower center right of the picture

ASI290MM first guiding job

I guess the picture below says it all !! RMS values of 0.30″ and 0.26″. The mount was setup in the garden that same night, using PoleMaster to align (one 7-minute session). The PHD2 Guidelog mentions a pole error of 0,5′ I guess that is 30″. Not bad for spending 7 minutes on aligning. Works like a charm.

This is no doubt rather good guiding. I’m happy with this result: a good combination of the ASI290MM smaller pixels and the old Soligor “free” 400mm F 6.3 DSLR telelens (I got it as a gift from a neighbour who found it on a flee market).

Clear again after 2 months!

Yesterday evening, a large break in the eternal cloud pack allowed at last some more imaging! Perfect for the first light of the ASI183MM and also the new guiding/planetary camera the ASI290MM.

During the imaging session, I could picture the setup before and after the streetlights were switched off…. Imagine the difference!

Lights still on
Nikon D750 30s 24mm iso800 F6dot7
Imaging in the plain light off a streetlight 30 meters from the scope… Nikon D750 30s 24mm iso800 F6.7
Streetlights switched off
Nikon D750 30s 24mm iso800 F6dot7
And a few seconds later the lights are switched off! Nikon D750 30s 24mm iso800 F6dot7 SQM values dropped a bit from 20,30 to 20,55
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