NGC7331 and friends

This group of galaxies in Pegasus has triggered my interest (sure I’m not alone). I spent a lot of imaging time th elast few clear nights on these objects. It’s NGC 7331 and it’s “fleas”, and then Stephan’s Quintet, a small group of 5 galaxies close by.

I imaged this with three options 60x300s Esprit, 64x300s C11 and 122x300s Esprit:

The full image of 60x300s withe the Esprit @ F7 and a flattener. This image was converted to JPG as the TIFF file could not be loaded onto the website (too large)
A crop of galaxy region. October 4th 60x300seconds on ISO800 Esprit 120 F7 Nikon D750 with bad conditions SQM 20,15






The same area, this time imaged the next night October 5th, with the C11, Starizona F7,2 reducer, Nikon D750 64x300s on ISO 800 SQM= 20.15

And I added a few more hours the night of October 10th, to the first image, using the Esprit 120 F7. In total 122x300s or 10 hours and 10 minutes combined and cropped at 100% image scale
















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