26 Nights in the Provence

I was so lucky to spend some time of in the south of France this summer. Location was the camping site ‘Les Bardons’ to the north side of the Grand Luberon, at an altitude of 550m.

Having camped here for 25+ years I know this area to be very, very consistent in blue skies. Unfortunately also light pollution is marching in from Aix-en-Provence, and Avignon, Apt. The mean SQM in August would be between 21.15 and 21.30

These are the first processed images (click on the image for a larger view):

The North-America and the Pelican nebula in the Swan

An overview of the Milky Way in Cygnus

The region around Gamma Cygni -Sadr – with lots of hydrogen nebula and clouds of stars. You will find the Crescent Nebula and blue reflection nebula in this image. Only 26 minutes imaging time in total – or 8x 180 seconds

More Milky Way in Aquila: 

The beautiful hydrogen gas bubble called the “Elephant Trunc” or IC1396 in Cepheus:

Afbeelding bewaard met ingebedde instellingen.


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