Ring Nebula M57 in Lyra – further testing the setup

Further tuning the telescope optics: looking for the right distance corrector-sensor (it’s not the Starizona advertized 134.5mm ) and dealing with OAG focus, field, illumination, shadow and also with the new T-Ring filter L-Pro from Optolong.

Through the C11 @ F7,2 with the FF D750 (no cropping)

Testing the C11 and the Starizona on the new EQ8, with a new TS M68 OAG. Need to tweak the OAG distance / focus and the Starizona distance. According to Starizona the Corrector/Sensor distance should be 134.5mm but currently @ 139,5mm also unsure on sensor ‘squareness’ to the focal axis.

There was a 77% Moon almost hiding the famous galaxy

Full Frame View no cropping

Also ‘first’ of the L-Pro Nikon T-Ring with integrated LPS filter

I used ISO400 for a change, but I don’t see much advantage in it, probably going to change back to ISO800 next time.

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