Supernova in Cygnus galaxy: Fireworks!

NGC6946, Supernova 2017eaw just for fun

Fireworks Galaxy in Cygnus – with the 2017 supernova. My first-ever image of this galaxy. C11, Starizona LF Corrector Nikon D750  It needed 600 second exporsures (5) on ISO800 to record the galaxy. I need to say I did not spent much time on the processing.  SQM was 20.70 and street lights were out.

I had a hard time finding a suitable guiding star for the MGEN guider on the OAG, hence the galaxy got cornered. And sunrise was closing in so I did not reposition anymore.

The resulting image has a satellite track and also some corner (Right lower) shading from the OAG prism.  This was an M48 OAG from TS which was performing very well, but for a full frame sensor it would always shade the image area. Meanwhile I switched to the M68 OAG from TS hoping for the best! Need some clear skies to test. In addition I missed the correct distance  holders for the corrector/sensor distance (ordered).

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