Chasing the ISS: Moon Transit

The ISS would transit the nearly full Moon tonight.

I tried capturing it with the following setup: 76mm F4,5 SharpStar, 2″ 2X Barlow, ASI290MM fps 69

At this point I’m sure I did not capture it. In the following video you can see consecutove objects: object nbr 1 is a dot moving in a straight line, object number two is an ISS candidate, however in my mind it moves the wrong direction so it must be a bird or something. Object nbr 3 I like the most. First it resembles a Soyouz, then when it starts clpaing its wings, it is most definitely a bird. The first and the third object are really hard to see. Use maximal resolution and slow display rate.

The video framerate was modified to 10 fps