Chasing the ISS: Moon Transit

The ISS would transit the nearly full Moon tonight.

I tried capturing it with the following setup: 76mm F4,5 SharpStar, 2″ 2X Barlow, ASI290MM fps 69

At this point I’m sure I did not capture it. In the following video you can see consecutove objects: object nbr 1 is a dot moving in a straight line, object number two is an ISS candidate, however in my mind it moves the wrong direction so it must be a bird or something. Object nbr 3 I like the most. First it resembles a Soyouz, then when it starts clpaing its wings, it is most definitely a bird. The first and the third object are really hard to see. Use maximal resolution and slow display rate.

The video framerate was modified to 10 fps

Lunar mosaic

Taken with the Maksutov 180mm F/15 & ASI174MM camera.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Cassini Vallis Alpes
Julius Cesar Agrippa Manilus
Ptolemaeus Parrot
Cassini ASI290MM @15FPS 3000FRAMES 40%stacked fullres
Cassini ASI174MM @80FPS 3000frames 40% stacked fullres

These two images of Cassini and Aristilus compare the ASI290MM and the ASI174MM on the same conditions, on the same telescope. The details seem to be really the same, allthough the image scale of the ASI290 is much more enlarged, it does not necessarily show more details. The Frame rate of the 174MM was a lot higher.

I guess the real test would be to do this exercise with a barlow in front of the ASI174MM. A éX barlow would enlarge the image scale, and at the same time the frame rate would still be 40FPS compared to 15fps for the ASI290MM.

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