Comet Leonard on 6th December, 2021

Zoom @ 85mm, ISO6400, 4s Nikon D750 single shot

By ‘coincidence’ it happened to be clear this morning at 6 am. The dogs made clear they wanted to go outside so I accidently discovered the clear sky. Dawn was already in the sky. I could’n find the comet by making a few pics around the area I suspected it should be. Only after consulting SkySafari, I knew exactly where she was, and could make a few shots with the Nikon D750 and a kitlens @ 85mm F 4.5 that happened to be on.

With the naked eye nothing was visible, with the 7×50 you could easily see the comet, it’s fuzzy appearance clearly different from a star. The tail was not visible.

Nikon D750 ISO 3200 3s F 4.5 Nikon zoom 24-85mm @ 24 mm

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