Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise

Single image with the 300mm F 2.8 @ 1/20s ISO1600 (tripod). The comet was not visible with the naked eye, maybe half an hour earlier it would be better. The twilight was already setting in. In the panorama image no comet is visible.

Comet Neowise 6 July, 2020 300mm F2.8 1/20s ISO1600 Nikon D750
Dawn, July 6th 2020 looking towards the east. 18mm @ F3,5 Nikon D750 ISO 6400 (Venus, Capella)

Comet Wirtanen on December 10th

Comet Wirtanen 46/p on the evening of December 10th, 2018. Image with a 120mm Esprit refractor F5, Nikon D750 ISO800 11x120s

The comet was traced with CdC and PHD2. 

Very easily seen in 10×50 binoculars, and also naked eye visible with adverted vision. 
Another sequence of shots taken that same night. This time 30 times 60 seconds at 1600 ISO.  Stacked in DSS on the comet.