A Beautifull June night

The image above was AI generated – as suggested by my WordPress editor. It’s actually that ugly I decided to leave it in – instead of not showing it. I hope that the real pictures that you find on this website, can be more inspiring then the AI fake reality we’re supposed to embrace apparently these days.

Despite the lack of darkness… this is a picture of my South horizon, as seen from the observatory.  The white blob of light pollution is probably the Hoegaarden brewery.

Due South
A clear view on the issues with the ASI183MM
M13 test with the old ASI183mm / Maksutov 180mm F12 (CCDTV67)
M57 with the outer ring. The image was really blown beyond esthetics for this. ASI 2600MM & C14 60×60″ stars are bloated anyhow since I did not use an IR/UV or Luminance filter
Tsuchishan-Atlas C/2023 on June 7th, 2024 C14 F7 30×60″


This little comet is slowly making it’s way through the vast deep space background of Virgo.

A monochrome shot on June 2nd, C14 F7 60×30″ 2600MM

Tsuchinshan June 2nd C14

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