Clear again after 2 months!

Yesterday evening, a large break in the eternal cloud pack allowed at last some more imaging! Perfect for the first light of the ASI183MM and also the new guiding/planetary camera the ASI290MM.

During the imaging session, I could picture the setup before and after the streetlights were switched off…. Imagine the difference!

Lights still on
Nikon D750 30s 24mm iso800 F6dot7
Imaging in the plain light off a streetlight 30 meters from the scope… Nikon D750 30s 24mm iso800 F6.7
Streetlights switched off
Nikon D750 30s 24mm iso800 F6dot7
And a few seconds later the lights are switched off! Nikon D750 30s 24mm iso800 F6dot7 SQM values dropped a bit from 20,30 to 20,55
Imaging under a winter sky
Imaging NGC3628 with the ASI183MM and guiding with the ASI290MM
B33 Horsehead nebula in Orion - first light for the ASI183mm Pro
B33 Dark Nebula in Orion with the Esprit120mm F5,5 and the ASI183MMPro 23×180 seconds at Gain 230. Offset 30 Temperature -20 °C
Processed with AstroPixelProcessor no addional Photoshop done.

Apparently the Gain setting was way to high my mistake, it should have been more around 50 to 120. Unity gain is 120 for this camera
This results in a rather noisy background.

Additional flaws for this first image with this camera are:
– the camera distance to the reducer needs to be adapted to avoid the elnogated stars in the corners
– Alnitak clearly marks it spikes in this image!

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