The Leo Triplet

This is a group of galaxies in Leo, the Lion constellation that dominates spring nights. M65, M66 and NGC3628. At distances of 35, 42 and 37 Million light years, they form a fysical group in space  Tidal forces rip apart the extremities of NGC3628. The smallest galaxy identified in this image is PGC1423398 at a distance of 2 Billion light years: so glad those fotons travelled that distance in space & time only to get caught in my camera!! 

Picture with: C11 Starizona LF SCT reducer F 7.2 FL2010mm Nikon D750 FF Optolong L-Pro 2″ 800iso 27x600s

SQM readings from 20.25 to 20.60 Meldert April 20, 21 2018

I combined this image with previous material taken on 18th of January to obtain a detailed image of both M65 and M66:

M65 (Left) and M66 (Right)
M66 Detailed view, crop from previous image









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