M13 through a SkyWatcher 120mm F/7 Esprit

Just testing my new scope that arrived last Tuesday. .

This is under 1 hour of 180 second images with the Nikon D750. Autoguided with the Lacerta MGEN II on Thursday July 5th 2018 from Hoegaarden, Belgium. The sky was really clear, nice Milky Way.

First light

Lunar landscapes & a poor Jupiter display

I was planning to create a terminator mozaic, unfortunately the size of the AVI’s was soo large, I lost some of these due to file copy mismanagement! Oops. So these three pictures emerged (click on them for full-size)

Mare Humorum: look at these fine rilles, and the big crater Gassendi
Main craters on this southern landscape are: Schiller Clavius and Longomontanus
Sinus Iridum and crater Plato on the northern rim of our Moon

All Lunar images with out Barlow – so native 2700mm focal lenght.

I imaged Jupiter also – way more down to the horizon – with a 2x Barlow, effective focal length 5400mm

Very poor results!

Jupiter on 25-26 May 2018 in poor seeing.
IR image only