Further on M27

Maybe this is not a very good object to practise Ha imaging? I’m not sure what the main consistentency is of this object…. the outer halo does not show very well, and also all blue parts are not visible. I guess this is a work in progress.

Anyhow this is a test object just to get my SGP and automated focusser / filter wheel working. That doesn’t go vbery smooth. I lost a few hours last evening under a clear sky, tampering with the PegasusAstro focuscube, trying to get it working with SGP’s autofocus. In short: it’s not working yet! The picture below is M27 with 178 minutes of H-Alfa.

Moon and also M27 on September 1th

The sky was not very transparent, and also during the weeknd the public lighting remains on all night. So conditions could be better.

I pictured M27, the famous Dumbell nebula, first with the Esprit120/Nikon D750. 19 shots of 300 seconds on ISO400.  Second target later during the night was Luna. I made a mozaic of 8 seperate pictures, composed from 60 seconds of AVI. Also here the Esprit was used ( I forgot to take the C11 out for cooling)  with the ASI 174MM in infrared and a 2x Barlow.

Click on the pictures for a larger format

ASI174MM Baader IR Esprit120 Orion Shorty 2x 9 plates of 60s 10% stacked


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