Galaxy NGC4565 in Coma Berenice

“Coma Berenice” is a constellation that barely has visible stars in light polluted area’s. However, it hides a million billion of galaxies, far far away… and this is just one of those.  At a distance of 30 million lightyears, I ‘ve seen it in my old 20cm Newtonian as a fine needle in the sky. The amount of detail that my current image shows is incomparable.

C11 Nikon D750 Optolong Pro, 37x600seconds on thee nights in April 2018. Location: Meldert, Hoegaarden with an average SQM of 20,60

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The Leo Triplet

This is a group of galaxies in Leo, the Lion constellation that dominates spring nights. M65, M66 and NGC3628. At distances of 35, 42 and 37 Million light years, they form a fysical group in space  Tidal forces rip apart the extremities of NGC3628. The smallest galaxy identified in this image is PGC1423398 at a distance of 2 Billion light years: so glad those fotons travelled that distance in space & time only to get caught in my camera!! 

Picture with: C11 Starizona LF SCT reducer F 7.2 FL2010mm Nikon D750 FF Optolong L-Pro 2″ 800iso 27x600s

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The Horsehead Nebula in orion

This is a very familiar sight and thousands of pictures have been taken of this little “seahorse”  or horsehead in the sky.  Taken with the Celestron C11 on an EQ8 mount, Starizona LF corrector for Schmidt-Cassegrains, a Nikon D750 DSLR modified for extra H-Alfa sensitivity. 22 frames of 300 seconds each are combined in this image

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