Testing the C11 without OAG

After cleaning & collimation, I tested the C11 with the Starizona F 7.2 reducer, the ASI183mm (way oversampled obviously), and guiding using a simple external 8×50 guider and the ASI290MC. Just as a test not bad. I’m not convinced the mirror shift did not have influence in this image. Focusing was a pain, needed to be done manually.

C11 Starizona F7.2 reducer flattener 8×50 guidescope, ASI183MM 46×120″ G111 Baader RGB

A first Venus

Never before did I image Venus. And without proper filters there’s really, really nothing to see !! 🙂 Apart from the moon phase that is.

Venus April 9th 2020, C11 and ASI290MC
April 4th, Maksutov 180mm Luminance

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