Starlink, second night: a lot dimmer!

A bit of a re-assurance, these objects now dimmed from 0 to -1 magnitude towards magnitude 4 (estimate). some bits were brighter. Hopelfully that means the impact on the natural sky remains limited. I do fear that all 12000 of these will be a pest for astrophotography, for sure also for professionals!

I actually missed them untill my son detected them as a faint trail east of Bootes (so culmunating).

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Getting horrified seeing the Starlink satellite trail

During imaging tonight (24-25 May) I was totally surprised by the fly-over of multiple dozens of lights, in one straight line and with a fixed distance. Absolutely beautifull and magic. Just by coïncidence. Apparently these are the Starlink satellites. I DO HOPE that these satellites do not remain as bright, can you imagine 2000 of these swirling around the globe.? I would at that point call it sky pollution. See also the nice movie from Marco Langbroek:

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