Crab Nebula in Taurus, Messier 1

A view on this supernova remnant that exploded in the year 1054, the supernova was visible during 23 days in daylight, and became 4 times brighter than Venus.

Image combination from Grandpré and Meldert, 79×60″ on Gain 100, Esprit120 F7,5 ASI2600MC

Messier 1 cropped

Messier 1 full view 75% reduced

The Crab Nebula Messier 1

Only 44 minutes of exposure, the nebula is clearly imaged. However I don’t like it too much, as the Gain settings wasn’t OK I suspect something went wrong during processing.

The background was way too noisy, even for 44 minutes, and as a result has been made too dark to remove some of the color noise. Also sharpening at some point was too much.

Lots of sensor real estate is waisted with this object being soo small. Probably better to give it a try at a longer focal lenght.

It’s really mysterious to see the results of a star exploding a millenium ago.


Esprit 120mm F/7 ASI2600mc Gain 0 EQ8 NUC AstroPixelprocessor and Photoshop Elements

M1, January 24th 2022 Esprit 120 F/7 ASI2600MC 44 minutes @ Gain 0

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