Low, low, low Jupiter!

The planet barely clears the houses and tress. This is madness. Red spot showing nicely however. All images with a 180mm Maksutov & ASI290MM. Some artefacts I did not remove. I did not use an ADC (Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector)

Lunar craters

Some details that stood out last night on the waxing Moon. Craters Posidonius, Theophilus & others. All images under pretty bad seeing, with the 180mm SkyWatcher Maksutov @ F15. ASI290MM.

Again Posidonius, a bit harder processed
Wider area around Posidonius
Theophilus and Catharina
North side of the Moon with Hercules (top right), Lacus Mortis (basin right bottom) and Gartner (sunken demi-crater bootom left of the center)

Second Jupiter of this season

And still not any higher then 16° in the sky. That’s like, behind the trees and the neighbour’s houses. The seeing for this session was worse then the night before. It does not show on the results.

Jupiter on June 2nd, 2.30 MEST / Maksutov 180mm F15, ASI290MM Baader RGB