Little Eagle LDN777 in Taurus

It’s a challenge to image dark nebulae in light-polluted Flanders. So let’s try it!

This is the “little eagle” nebula, which I captured a few years ago as a tiny spot on a wide-field Plejades @180mm. Now the framing only features the Eagle head ; imaging with the Esprit and the ASI183mm.

LBN777 Taurus December 2019 29x300S L 10x300sRGB ASI183MM Esprit120 F5 SQM 20.30

It’s a bit dark – but what did you expect from a Dark Nebula? This is 10x300seconds on R, G and B channels and then 29x300s on Luminance. No Light Pollution filter used.

M45 Nikon 180mm ED F5.6 D750 6u 400ISO SQM2015 Meldert Oct2018 NoFilter 66% JPG

This is the overview, with on the right the Pleiades, and on the center left the Eagle Head (upside down).