Solar Eclips

Only a partial eclips: but it still is an impressive sight! watching the cosmos in action.

Great job done, Moon and Sun.

Partial Eclips maximum on June 10th 2021 ; Esprit120mm F/7 & ASI2600MC
The whole eclips in a video (SD, HD and 4K)

The mandatory eclips pictures….

A beautiful eclips! Very cold but really clear weather. A silent morning…

I have to say I expected a lot of pics on social media. But the number of pictures was an avalanche. Mostly good quality pics I have to say but still, I can’t understand why some individuals have such an irritating need to expose themselves with dozens of pics on the net. Anyway… here are some of mine 🙂

Moon Eclipse January 21, 2019 as seen from Hoegaarden. Esprit 120 and Nikon D750
Eclipsed moon over Hoegaarden… enjoy
Moon over the old barn
Jupiter, Venus and Scorpius rising over the southeast

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