Mars, 19 October 2020

Very bad and cloudy weather is persistent in th elow countries, occasionally showing Mars in short breaks between clouds and rain. I managed to capture one IR+ G session in between and through clouds (no blue).

This was the clearing in between the cloud deck 🙂

The “Cocoon” nebula

While the clear nights were foused on imaging Mars, they also were a bit hazy and not that transparant. SQM value were at most 20,15.

Nevertheless the 76EDPH was running on the HEQ5 to capture IC5146 or the ‘Cocoon’ nebula in the constellation Swan. Some 90 shots of 5 minutes with the ASI2600MC Pro were taken, Gain 100 and Bias, Darks applied. Click on the picture to enlarge.

IC 5146 or “Cocoon” nebula in Cygnus. September 2020 Meldert (Belgium) SharpStar 76 EDPH F 4,5 IDAS D1 2″ ASI2600MC HEQ5 SGP APP CC20

Mars, September 11th

As seen from Hoegaarden, Belgium. Some nice cloud formations are visible near the Arcadia region, but also around Mons Olympus, covering the north pole, and a polar band around the south pole. Solis Lacus is formidable. First time I could image this region that clear.