AAVSO observation code

Today I got VJOH as my observers code from the AAVSO or American Association of variable star observers.

Fellow Capella member Pieter Vuylsteke asked for supporting observations of the variable star IK Leonis.

Last week Thursday on Friday night the C14 could capture it´s light curve

IK Leonis makes quite a ride

The star is a double system involving a white dwarf and a red giant. Material from the red giant is nibbled of by the dwarf, and falls into an accretion disk around the dwarf.

The material spirals into the dwarf, introducing a wobble in the accretion disk. Thus wobble is causing the variance in brightness.

That on top of an outburst, as normally this star us magnitude 21 instead of magnitude 14.

More info by Pieter (in Dutch)

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