More sunspots

AR3311_3314_3310 2023.05.29 they are now past the meridian and going towards the Sun’s limb.

Esprit 120mm APO F/7 ASI2600mc 100fps 1250 from 5000 frames

AR3311_3314_3310 2023.05.29 120mm F7 ASI2600MC

Sunspots on Mother’s day

As I’m testing out the new observatory, I could test some solar imaging today. Between the clouds!

Setup was a Baader ND 5 objective filter, the Maksutov 180mm F15, ASI174, no additional filters used.

The solar filter as purchased with Astromann at ATT Essen yesterday.

5% of 17000 frames @ 90 seconds 188 fps

15% of 17000 frames @ 90 seconds 188 fps
25% of 17000 frames @ 90 seconds 188 fps

Solar Eclips

Only a partial eclips: but it still is an impressive sight! watching the cosmos in action.

Great job done, Moon and Sun.

Partial Eclips maximum on June 10th 2021 ; Esprit120mm F/7 & ASI2600MC
The whole eclips in a video (SD, HD and 4K)

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