Mars 26 december 2022

Despite hard wind gusts, that pushed aside the Mars image in the small ROI, and clouds passing over completely blocking any image, with a seeing that was variable but never very good, the telescope caught a few Mars’s last night.

Meanwhile a nice winter sky was visible with sqm values above 20,50 and a hint of the winter mily way

Mars revisited

As I was unhappy with the processed result of Mars december 11th, I revisited the image.

That lead to a more natural result, still lots of subtle details without over sharpening. The color has maybe a bit of a green hue I´m told.

Mars, December 11th, 2022 Diam 16″

Equipment was a C14 XLT, ASI290MM, Baader RGB filters, XPRESS Filterwheel ; No Barlow used ; one single RGB run

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