Grandpré, end of season

With Capella we could book the gite for 5 weekends since October. Weather was not on our side, but still, the company and conversations, the equipment & scenery, it all adds up as a warm bath of astronomy.

Not to forget the darkness so profound you can cut squares in it.

A wonderfull night in Grandpré

With some patience the skies opened in Grandpré. We could enjoy those dark skies with 5 observers from our traditional “gite”. SQM measured 21,37 but the skies were still a bit hazy at that point, and improved visibly later on.

Work in progress: the area of the ‘Little Eagle’ in Taurus. It’s only 40′ of lights (I spent lots of time of learning how to image again 😉

LBN777 Taurus Sharpstart EDPH76 F4,5 with ASI2600MC 20×120″ on a GM1000 unguided

Some more ambiance pictures taken with the Nikon D750 without tripod

Orion SY24mm F1.4 ISO3200 4s
Auriga and Perseus region ; Nikon D750 SY24mm F1.4 1s ISO12800
Orion and Canis Major ; Nikon D750 SY24mm F1;4 1s ISO18102
Niek observing ; Nikon D750 SY24mm F1.4 1/2s ISO18102

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