Startrails September 8th, 2021

Startrails from above the rooftops, last night. The bright lights are some street lights around the house, also visible are the plain trails that converge on the left (East) at the Liege airport, and that converge right (West) at Zaventem airport (Brussels). Jupiter and Saturn are the bright – and lesser bright – streaks down at the South. Also visible are two defective area’s in the plexiglas dome, as blurred area’s in the startrails.

Click on the image for a better view!

Startrails above Meldert, Hoegaarden - September 8th

Lightning storm

No startrails this morning, a heavy lightning storm rolled over the country last night. Unsure about the exposure settings, also need to fix an issue as the software quits after a while for the second night in a row. I will step down to the previous software version again.

Double trouble in Virgo

An interesting feature on last’ nights allsky images: a double streak of light in Virgo, around 00hr40m MEST. No idea what thi smight be. There was a Starlink 2144 satellite close-by, but then again they are always close by something…

Double trouble in Virgo

Please also not that the AllSky camera has been upgraded with a IR-cut filter. Strange enought, the Baader contrast booster that was already in, did not stop infrared light. This additional IR filter (ZWO 21mm) clearly increases the image quality.